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Answering "Bill Gothard Exposed"

There are many false accusations on the Internet about Bill Gothard and the Institute in Basic Life Principles. Here is a letter I wrote to my former roommate, who has placed false information about Bill Gothard on her own web page (Bill Gothard Exposed).

My dear friend,

It might surprise you that I call you "friend," for I was one who roomed with you virtually the entire five months you stayed at the Indianapolis Training Center (or ITC, one of Bill Gothard's centers for young people). We didn't see the world from identical angles, but we had several things in common (e.g., a love of music, sense of humor, geographical roots, and professed love for God and His Word), and I appreciated many qualities about you. I've just skimmed my journals of those months to make sure what I say now is accurate. Truth is vital, isn't it?
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